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Mission Statement

To provide resources to educators that help transform school buildings and classrooms into race-conscious environments.

Curriculum-Writing Consultation

The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy helps schools create institutional changes that address equity needs by offering a signature service. The Institute assists K-12 and higher education instructors with race-centered curriculum writing. It has the capacity and bandwidth to conduct diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development training and equity audits through a partnership with The Bond Educational Group.   

Publishing Company

Founded in 2020, RCP Publishing is the publishing house of The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy. We bring profound ideas to the world of education through academic scholarship that focuses on the intersection of race and education. 



The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy founder Todd Mealy wrote Race-Conscious Pedagogy: Disrupting Racism at Majority-White Schools in 2020 to discuss everything wrong with the color-evasive approach to instructing students. This book gives educators the history behind critical race studies and tools to become race-conscious pedagogues.


The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy helps schools address equity needs by giving educators the knowledge to achieve a state of race consciousness, and by providing schools specific services that lead to curricular and other institutional changes.


The Institute assists K-12 and higher education instructors with race-centered curriculum writing. We tailor curriculum writing services to meet the needs of teachers across disciplines. 

The Institute also operates as a publishing company committed to testing the boundaries of established educational thoughts. Looking to publish nonfiction, social histories, and critical education theory books, RCP Publishing welcomes proposals on topics that focus on the intersection of education and race, including several core categories including K-12, higher education, critical race theory, civil rights history, critical thinking, current events, and philosophy.


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