RCP Curriculum Consulting

Studies show that centering race in the curriculum can have a transformative impact on student achievement.  The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy (RCP) would like to assist educators in creating race consciousness across the curriculum. The RCP provides a wide range of curriculum writing services, including a one-hour presentation to a school district's or college's instructional staff, sit-down discussions with curriculum writers, and a two-day workshop. 

For more information, contact us at info@raceconsciouspedagogy.org.

Presentation Topics Include:

  1. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: Equity Classrooms, An Introduction and Definition 

  2. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: Implicit Bias and Curricular Microaggressions, the Impact on Students

  3. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: The Teacher's Role in Inclusivity Amid Blackface, Halloween Costumes, and Racist and Homophobic Slurs

  4. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: Decoloniality and Centering Race in the Curriculum

  5. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: The History of Critical Race Studies

  6. Race-Conscious Pedagogy: Teaching Race to White Students

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