Meet The Team

Todd M. Mealy, Ph.D.

Executive Director

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Heather Bennett, J.D., Ph.D.

Senior Director of Equity

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Steffany Baptiste-Bosco, Ed.D.

Senior Director of Curriculum

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Andrea Layton, M.A.

Curriculum Design Assistant

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Kevin Lawrence

Associate-Director of True Colors

Sameeha Hossain

Research Fellow

Kiernan Gladman, M.A.

Disability Education Consultant

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Lenwood Sloan

Director of Community Engagement and Cultural Heritage

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Brittany Foose, M.A.

Adult Education Coordinator

Jordan Schucker

Research Fellow

Lilly Eidelberg

Research Intern

Max Bushong

IT Support Specialist

Demetrius Dixon

Director of Finance & Internal Auditing

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Patrick Mendez, Ph.d.

Director of Community Health and Trauma-Informed Services

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Lisette Torres-Gerald, Ph.D.

Director of Justice and Disability in STEM

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The Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy (RCP) is made up of a diverse team of educators that work to advance scholarship on inclusive learning through publishing, curriculum design, and pedagogical professional development. RCP was founded in 2020 to help educators at all levels design curriculum with an inclusive lens. Our curriculum-design workshops are research-oriented and we take pride in engaging with all ideological voices.


We conduct institutional assessments, audits, and climate studies.


We also maintain a research agenda to enhance race-conscious pedagogies through book publications and student research internships.

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